Hello world!

Well, here goes another adventure in computerland. I may as well start out with the title that was the 1st computer program I ever wrote. You know; the one on the first page of actual programming where you get the computer to print the words “Hello world” on the screen and you were amazed how it actually worked. That was back in the late 70’s or early 80’s on the original Tandy TRS-80 Model 1 my brother had bought. Laugh now, but that was an amazing device.

Well, time keeps moving on and I am still amazed at how some people are just starting to find the usefullness of computers. I have been messing with them for over 25 years now. The computer and now in conjunction with the Internet, open a vast amount of knowledge to be found and learned.

This new adventure for myself by creating this blog “TheSurfersZone Random Access” is just another adventure down the road of knowledge for me. I enjoy learning new things on a daily basis and hopefully will continue this learning process throughout my life. I believe once you stop learning, you stop growing as a human and all you will do is merely exist.

This blog will be an adventure in randomness as my interests can and do change on a daily basis in my pursuit of any knowledge I can gain. Along the way, hopefully I will find things that are entertaining as well to help keep my mind active as I go through the process of aging. This blog will be whatever this “Random Access” takes me through on this latest adventure.

Anyone is welcome to join me on this adventure

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About xmBill

Just a computer geek that is into all kinds of things involving computers, music, water sports, electronics, and basically anything high tech. Now days the way our Government is run; politics.

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