Surfing Videos For Beginners

As I started thinking of things to check out in learning about this blogging thing, I found a new way to search for things on the Internet about a certain subject. By searching blogs for specific tags. My 1st one I tried naturally had to start with the word "surfing" since that is the main theme on my website. I always hesitate about searching for ANY-thing to do with surfing because of the use of the word in associating it with "surfing the web". I always hated that. Anyway, in searching the blogs with the word "surfing" I was able to get lots of quality links for blogs and websites actually about surfing.

Since this is the start of my blog it is only appropriate to have some videos available to show someone who may be just getting interested in this excellent sport on the how-to’s to get started. Once again You Tube comes through with some excellent videos on the subject. A special thanks to Google for its purchase a couple of months ago of You Tube. I have always been a fan of Google and I will probably blog about that in the future. Anyway, hopefully Google will be able to keep You Tube in the basic sense of how it was started and provide millions around the world with a plethora of good videos of all kinds. So on with the videos. Click on the video below to start an automatic playlist of 12 videos from PodSurf.TV.

Surf Lessons 1-12

More videos to come ….

Thanks to PODSURF.TV


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