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If you haven’t heard about, then you must not be into music as I am. is a Russian website that provides music downloads at a “fair” price. Many of you may be aware of Itunes which is Apples Ipod music download site. It provides limited file formats and quality at $.99 per song. At that price, if one does decide to download the whole CD, then you are paying as much or more than if you had paid the normal inflated price of the CD. At least by buying the CD, then you would have a hard backup of the music. provides a large library of music of various tastes for a very reasonable price. Instead of paying per song, you are charged per megabyte. Thus for a higher quality (bigger file) you pay a little more. At you have a choice of several file formats i.e. mp3, ogg, flac, wav and many more. You also have various quality settings that you can download your music in. They range from 128,192,256,384 all the way to a pure non-compressed CD. They also provide VBR (variable bit rate) with multiple settings. And if the file isn’t available in the settings you choose, then it will encode the file on the fly prior to you downloading it. Then it will be available for others to download with that setting from then on without the encoding process.

The RIAA has been getting into their business like they do everybody elses. They have tried to shut down their website to no avail. There are legal issues about whether it is legal to download music from the Russian website to a computer in the United States. Below is an excerp explaining their legal point for downloads to the US.

Example 3. If you owned an apartment in Moscow and another in New York, and if you downloaded music to your Moscow home computer from ALLOFMP3, which is legal to do in Russia, and then you later connect to your Moscow home computer from your home computer in New York so that you can move your legally obtained music to New York, we see that as being within the scope and spirit of what is allowable under §602.

As such, our view is that § 602 allows for the importing of a legally purchased music selection from a user’s ALLOFMP3 space into their private music library. As part of the ALLOFMP3 service, with every download item you purchase, you also obtain personal space (for up to two weeks) from which you can download your selected items. As this is a user’s personal space located on servers in Russia, the user’s downloaded items are legally procured and held in that space under Russian Law. When a user selects to retrieve music from ALLOFMP3, it is not merely streamed, but it is downloaded by the user as the file is ultimately dislocated from the user’s personal storage space in Russia and moved to the user’s storage space in their personal library. It is important to note that when a user downloads music from ALLOFMP3, the music in their personal space on the ALLOFMP3 server in Russia is simultaneously deleted as soon as the download completes into the user’s private music library; as such, there is only one copy of the work that exists.

If anyone is interested in the legalities of, I have included the link to the full article on their website below.

ALL Legality Article

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