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Saddam, as he is sentenced to death by hanging.

The execution of former President of Iraq Saddam Hussein was the capital punishment imposed after his trial for the killings of 148 Shias in the town of Dujail in 1982. Saddam was executed at approximately 05:55 local time (02:55 GMT) on December 30, 2006 by hanging, as many Iraqis began celebrating Eid ul-Adha, although the time has not been precisely reported to the media yet.[1][2][3] Saddam’s execution took place at an unspecified location outside Baghdad’s Green Zone.[4] Contrary to initial reports from Al-Arabiya and Al-Iraqiya, it is now reported by CNN, Fox News, and the BBC that Saddam was executed alone, and not at the same time as his co-defendants Barzan Hassan and Awad Bandar, who will be executed on Saturday.[5]
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Execution proceedings

According to Reuters, Saddam was acting like a “broken man” as he approached the scaffold [5]. According to a senior Iraqi official, Saddam Hussein seemed “very calm and did not tremble.” [1] The former president recited the Muslim profession of faith “There is no God but God and Mohammed is his prophet” but made no other remark after policemen escorted him to the scaffold [2] David MacDougall has reported to Fox News several details of what went on immediately before Saddam’s hanging based on reports he has been fed through an earpiece. He has stated that Saddam’s behavior was “submissive.” He was carrying the Qu’ran he has been keeping with him through his trials prior to his execution. Right before he was executed, he handed over his Qu’ran and asked that it be given to a person by the name of Bandar – likely referring to his cousin whom he had tried to elect into office several times in the past [3] He reportedly refused to wear a hood for his hanging and exclaimed, “Allah is great!” before his execution. There were no US representatives present.

Media coverage
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Saddam Hussein executed by hanging

The primary source of this news was an Iraqi state-run TV station. A scrolling headline read: “Saddam’s execution marks the end of a dark period of Iraq’s history.” The BBC noted that a doctor, lawyer, and various officials were present, and a video recording of the execution was made.[2] This tape is to be released by the Iraqi government and broadcast through Al Arabiya to curb any rumors that the execution did not take place. Al Arabiya claims Saddams’s lawyer has confirmed his death. The state-run Iraqi television news station “Al Iraqiya” has also confirmed Saddam’s execution. An announcer said “criminal Saddam was hanged to death and the execution started with criminal Saddam then Barzan then Awad al-Bandar.” [6] State-run Iraqi news states that photos and video from the execution will be shown around midday. (FOX News TV Alert)

According to the BBC, Al Iraqiya stated that Saddam did not put up any resistance during the execution, and that footage of it will be broadcast at midday local time.[citation needed] CNN and FOX News have reported that once they have received images from the execution, the content will be reviewed and possibly shown on the respective news stations.

CNN has noted that many Iraqis have watched the whole process closely, and many awoke to the news of Saddam’s execution on the morning of December 30, 2006 in Iraq. BBC analysts noted that public reactions within Iraq are likely to remain unclear until after Eid morning prayers.[7]


Saddam’s daughter Raghad Hussein, exiled in Jordan, has asked that his body be buried in Yemen temporarily until Iraq is “liberated” and it can be reburied in Iraq, a source close to the family said by telephone.[8]

Mariam al-Rayes, a legal expert and a former member of the Shia bloc in parliament, told Al Iraqiya television that the execution “was filmed and God willing it will be shown. There was one camera present, and a doctor was also present there.”[4][6]

Various news sources report that Iraqis are celebrating Saddam’s execution. [9] CNN reported that according to an official there was dancing and Shia chants around Saddam’s body after the execution took place.[10] Meanwhile, David MacDougall, a Fox News reporter located in Baghdad, has stated that there has been what is thought to be celebratory gunfire in Baghdad. However, the BBC’s correspondent in Baghdad, John Simpson, indicated there had been no more gunfire than is normally heard on the city’s streets. According to CNN, FOX News and the BBC, there have been celebrations in the United States in at least one location in Dearborn, Michigan at the corner of Warren and Greenfield, a heavily Muslim and Iraqi-American community.

Despite all of the celebrations, the United States’ forces are braced for a backlash of violence in Iraq due to the execution. President George W. Bush has released a statement on the execution of Saddam’s death and its place in the state of peace in Iraq. He stated that bringing Saddam to justice will not end the violence in Iraq.[11]


Libya’s leader Muammar al-Gaddafi described Saddam’s Trial as illegal (باطلة). Gaddafi added that America and Britain must be put on trial in this matter.[12] CNN reported that Saddam Hussein’s lawyer has stated that Saddam’s trial was unfair. One of Saddam’s lawyers talked to Fox News correspondent Greta Van Susteren about Saddam’s trial and execution (see video at FOX News Iraq Center).

Human Rights Watch issued a statement claiming the “execution follows a flawed trial and marks a significant step away from the rule of law in Iraq”. [4]


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