Picture Of The Day – NASA ISS007 Sunrise Pacific Ocean


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16 thoughts on “Picture Of The Day – NASA ISS007 Sunrise Pacific Ocean

  1. I think this is about the best picture I have ever seen looking out from the ISS. What do you all think? If you have a better one please email it to me if I can put it up here. I think NASA deserves to be honored by posting their pictures for all to see. They had a great 2 week voyage to the ISS and overcome adversity and had a safe and productive voyage.


    • Dear xmbill,
      Heres what I think…. The individual responsible for the “DRAWING” in which you are referring to. Is a dam good “ARTIST”. What you think bout that? Or an awsome Computer generated Graphic Artist. The college in which he attended should help him a little bit make it look a little bit more realistic. Anyway….. Im just sayin! willey_mt@yahoo.com

      • It may well be as I haven’t researched it that far, but where ever it came from, NASA does use it on their site. And they had it titled as I blogged it “ISS007 Sunrise Pacific Ocean” when I originally posted it. I saw them use it on the last Space Shuttle mission on one of their video feeds when it was not live.

  2. The International Space Station (ISS) is in a low Earth orbit and can be seen from Earth with the naked eye but it has an altitude of about 350 km (217 mi) above the surface of the Earth.

  3. Yea this is the best! I had it as my desktop background for a while, then I lost it. And it drove me onto the wall. Strangely you can’t find this image anywhere on NASA anymore, so it’s a bliss that you still hosting this image. THANK YOU!

    • So question. So as they say when the planets align on Dec 2012, and the outcome of this alignement changes the gravitational pull. What or how will this effect the orbit of the ISS?

  4. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy the pics I get from space. I have no desire to go to space but I love the views…

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