Humor: 27 Strange and Funny signs

Check out these 27 Strange or Crazy signs from this website.

Don’t do this

Wrong way

Is this really necessary?


More pics after the bump.

What’s the speed limit?

Imagine seeing this at 50 MPH.

left or right

one way or two

Isn’t this the guy from Poltergeist?

bus out of use

where to go?

So much can happen in this area…just better to walk.

what bump?

you are being monitored

I don’t even want to know what type of lubricant.

fence has lubricant

As if pit bulls weren’t scary enough!!

pit bull…with aids!

Why not just add insult to injury!

insult to injury

Anyone see those CareerBuilder commercials…kinda reminds me of this.

caught on fire

I hear dog tastes similar to chicken.

I’ll roast your dog

wheelchairs, please take the stairs

neuter your pets…and relatives

This one cracks me up.

condom with a staple

Look at the guy’s reflection…he’s gonna try and make it past the sticker!

anti theft sticker

mustang can go real fast

I heard this means something like “Stop Rheumatism”…

bump your butt

a style, baby

bee behind this paper

This is clever.

dropped calls

curved yellow fruit

should I stop?

which way

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26 thoughts on “Humor: 27 Strange and Funny signs

  1. omg lol, thats…hahahahhahah so funn hahaha fun hahaha funny, lol thats literally what i said to the guy fucking my ass right now. please accept this post. spank you very much

  2. omg if i actually saw this somewhere i would think that some people in the world are really stupied but these pictures are so hularious!!!!!

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