Video Of The Day: Formula 1 Racer MASHUP w/GoogleMaps

This is a cool video I ran across that was actually made back in 1978 in Paris. It was evidently filmed for a segment on a movie where a guy has 9 minutes (due to the 9 minute film length used back then) to get across the city to rendezvous with a girl. The Formula 1 driver had tried to get a permit but was denied the permit. He ended up making the video anyway in the early morning hours using a gyro-stabilized camera mounted to the bumper of a Ferrari 275 GTB. He then drove the Ferrari through the city ignoring all speed limits and red lights in order to meet the girl. He was later arrested for the stunt, but non the less the video finally got released and was mashedup with GoogleMaps where you can zoom into the satellite view and follow his path while watching the video. I think this is a neat mashup. If anyone knows of any other like this please let me know.

 Click on the Image Below



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