Video of The Day: Canal City Japan Manmade Waterfall

Here is an interesting video of a unique manmade waterfall in Japan. It is located in a mall that has water running through it in various ways that lead the shoppers throughout the mall.

Canal City revolutionized the shopping and entertainment industry in Fukuoka. This multi-level complex basically has everything: dozens of brand-name stores and small shops, many restaurants, a multi-screen movie theatre, a Sega amusement theme park, two hotels, banking facilities, an art theatre, business offices, showrooms, and even regular street performers. In the Sun Plaza, located in the center, some of the performances are by extremely talented professionals and may include acrobats, magicians, or musicians. The architecture rolls and curves, incorporating water in many creative ways–the design is as much an attraction as anything else.

                           Check out the video below.

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7 thoughts on “Video of The Day: Canal City Japan Manmade Waterfall

  1. Its a marvellious thinking of the owner or the maker of the canal city fountain/waterfall. really really really its amazing. what an idea to entertainment for the customers.

  2. It is really marvelous thinking by the maker of the waterfall because it is not only entertaining for the customers, but is also an advertisement for the shops etc because they can not only leave messages, but the can do basic graphics as well giving them all kinds of ways of it creating business for all the places in the mall.

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