Benchmarks on High End Android Phones

by xmBill


Well, as the days pass, I am still waiting for the new Froyo 2.2 update for my rooted HTC Droid Incredible (dInc). Word now is that it should be coming by the week of Aug 6th to the 15th. Since mine is rooted I will either have to unroot it to get the OTA  or wait for a new ROM from Cyanogen. Either way the wait shouldn’t be too much longer and you can see why I am excited about this major update from Google. My phone runs super fast, but I can’t imagine an increase in speed of about 300% but from the video below with them running the benchmark app Quadrant by Aurorasoftworks you will see the oldest phone the Nexus One by Google is the fastest only because it is running Froyo 2.2. Unbelievable what Google has done with their new JIT (Just In Time) compiler for Java. They are seeing performance increases from 200% to 500%. That is Incredible. Check out the video.


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