Two CleverBots Converse For The First Time

by xmBill

A conversation between two CleverBots* occurred for the first time. The CleverBot conversation was the idea of Hod Lipson, Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the director of the Cornell Creative Machines Lab at Cornell University. "It was just an afternoon hack," said Hod.  "It went viral in 24 hours and took us completely by surprise."

Below is a video of an interview on Russia Today.

Below is the video of part of the conversation of the two CleverBots.

* Cleverbot is an AI web application that learns how to mimic human conversations by communicating with humans. It was created by AI veteran Rollo Carpenter, who also created Jabberwacky, a similar web application. In the first decade of its existence after being created in 1988, Cleverbot held several thousand conversations with Carpenter and his associates. Since being launched on the web in 1997, the number of conversations has exceeded 65 million


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