Song of the day: Keep The “Change” by Hank Williams Jr

by xmBill

This is a new song Hank Williams Jr whipped up in response to his  being fired from doing the music intro for the NFL after 20 years. Apparently Fox & Friends and ESPN didn’t like his answer to a question Fox asked in the interview below, as we have no freedom of speech in America anymore.  I don’t necessarily agree with his comparison, but I sure agree with his right  to say it. I say “ Don’t ask me a question if you don’t want to hear my answer”. What do you say?

Check out the video  from the Fox News interview and then play or download the song below the video as Hank has made it available for free at this time.

Let’s stand up for our freedom of speech that they are trying to take away.

<Click to Play The Song> (Right Click to D/L)


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