A Lost Society: The Golden Rule Booed

by xmBill

I could not believe it as I was sitting here watching the debates and Newt Gingrich mentioned Andrew Jackson saying that what we should do to our enemies is kill them and the audience cheered. But when Ron Paul said that “maybe we should  consider a Golden Rule in Foreign Policy”. The audience booed. That is a great indicator of our lost society and we will have to answer for that someday soon.


95% of suicide terrorist attacks are targeted at occupying foreign militaries. 0% of suicide terrorist attacks have been directed at countries not militarily involved in geopolitical disputes. Source:http://goo.gl/CNbWe

Watch the video below as it was seen on Fox News.

The title however is inaccurate as the people booing are NOT Christians. Ron Paul IS the Christian.

Ron Paul booed at mentioning The Golden Rule should be our Foreign Policy

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