Video of The Day: Tonic Immobility in Sharks

by xmBill

A shark in tonic immobility. Look closely to see the black sensory spots on his nose  (Photo/K. Hogarth for UNEXSO)

This really amazed me when I first ran across this as I really am fascinated with sharks. This video shows a different more realistic side of sharks other than what Hollywood tends to portray. During the video, the lady is able to feed the sharks in a very controlled manner. Also, she displays tonic immobility, which is a natural state of paralysis that exists in lots of various animals. Check out the video below.

Video showing Tonic Immobility



Video Of The Day–Let’s Shower Together

Coastal Industries Inc.

The name of the video sounds quite intriguing, doesn’t it?   I’m sure the name was picked to entice everyone to watch it. Well it got me, too. I guess it’s the name of the company “Coastal Industries” with the name of the video “Let’s Shower Together” that seems to be a mismatch. However, it is not. Coastal Industries Inc. is in the shower door business and is on the move to have everybody taking a shower together in one of their shower enclosures.

This very well made professional video was created to show everyone what the largest shower door manufacture in the United States does to put them in all those homes and RV’s.

It goes through the process of starting out with the pulling of the various metals to be cut. Then to the numerous saw operators to be cut to length. From there the cut metal is then processed in various ways based on the style of the door to be made. Anything from drilling holes to the bending to shape for the numerous types of doors made here. After that, the processed metal is then attached with the proper paperwork so the various parts can be  distributed to Panel Fab, where the orders are given out and the door builders build each by hand. The finished shower enclosure is then packed in a “MADE IN THEUSA” box, sent to Shipping where they are loaded onto any one of the about twenty trucks where they are distributed throughout the world.

Check out the video below and see if it doesn’t make you want to Shower Together with Coastal Industries Inc..